Nottinghamshire County Council: Nottinghamshire County Council provides support to Penny through its Shining Stars programme. The scheme aims to support local athletes who compete at international level.

The National Ice Centre: We both love to skate here! It is an amazing facility with a real sense of community, a great place to learn to skate, to train hard and to work. The NIC has helped us both in the past and they still continue to do so. Check out their webpage to see all the great programs they have to offer.  Website:  http://national-ice-centre.com

TASS: is the Talented Athlete Sponsorship Scheme that Nick and I have been lucky enough to be part of for 3 years. The scheme offers great support for those first steps onto the worldwide stage of competitive sport.  Website: http://www.tass.gov.uk

We would also like to say a huge thankyou to Nottingham City Council for their support during the build up to our first ever Olympic Games, to The Ruddington Rotary Club, and in particular Mr. Paul Harris for their contribution towards our Olympic Training Fund. And most importantly, to our very supportive families! We are both truly grateful to all contributions great or small, because without all of your help we would no be able to keep on fulfilling our dream. Thankyou!

If you are interested in supporting Penny and Nick contact them via email…