Hi Everyone,

Firstly we would like to welcome you to our new Website, we will be keeping it as up to date as possible on our training, traveling and competing. So, enjoy! 

We spent some time at home with our families and friends in March, as we definitely needed some normality after our overwhelming olympic experience. During our time home we decided on our Free Dance music, we’re not going to give too much away but we’re both very excited about the challenges it holds and it is definitely going to show a new fun side to us both. Philip Askew is choreographing our programmes, we have always love what he has done in the past and this year is no exception. We have the programme ready nice and early this season and because of this, the choreography is far more challenging than anything we have ever done before. So, we are glad to have plenty of time to perfect it before competition season starts.

Over the past six weeks we have been in New Jersey training under our new coach Evgeny Platov and along side John and Sinead Kerr. We have really enjoyed spending this time of the season with Evgeny, we are learning a completely new technique, improving in speed across the ice and also paying huge attention to detail. It proves to be a very demanding regime, yet we are both enjoying every training session. Needless to say that we’re zombies come the weekend.  

We are also gaining a lot from working with ballet coaches, and personal trainers everyday after on ice training. Along side Evgeny and Philip, we have been working with Tatiana Druchinina, who has worked on the projection of our movements and has helped on the fine details. We feel that this has aided us both so much, especially since we’re not far into the new season. In addition to this, whilst at home in Nottingham we worked with some acrobats on our lifts for this season for about four weeks and they have helped us turn some of our ideas into possibilities. This year we really wanted to take advantage on the height difference between us and really challenge ourselves as to what lifts we can come up with, pushing our limits and creativity to match the music.

We are coming to the end of the early pre-season training and we will be heading home in around two weeks. We will have a bit of time off once we arrive home before we start again back training at the National Ice Centre. Like everybody we are waiting to see what happens with this years ‘Short Dance’ but as soon as it is announced we will be on with making up new material back in Nottingham with Phillip. We will return to New Jersey during July to continue working with Evgeny.

We are really looking forward to starting the new season. Last season was such a whirlwind for us with so many great experiences and we cant wait to build on what we have learnt.

We will keep you updated!  

Nick and Penny